Interior Design



朱海博先生,曾于意大利多莫斯Domus Academy设计学院及日本东京ICS艺术学院研修环境艺术设计及室内设计。曾参与马来西亚前总理马哈蒂尔吉隆坡别墅及云顶赌场VIP中国厅室内装饰设计;擅长房地产销售中心、样板间、酒店、会所等商业空间,主持设计过包括鲸山别墅、集酷野奢酒店、东方银座酒店等众多商业空间及私人住宅项






Hesu Resorts & Villas Hotel

When you have stayed in city’s reinforced concrete, you will always yearn for natural and tranquil life. This hotel’s conceptual design is positioned at “originality and wild luxury”. Combined with extremely simple oriental tone, it integrates natural elements and views into interior space and strives to build an environment with no intentional polishing for extreme enjoyment, relaxation and holiday.

“Wild” is the “wildness” of region and a natural place with beautiful scenery. “Luxury” is the “luxury” of spirit that brings unique and unforgettable vacation experience to guests. Wild and luxury coexist with nature perfectly.

A wild luxurious hotel is defined as a pure and primitive manufactured building coexisting with surrounding environment and nature harmoniously. The designer returns to nature and abandons complexity with simple style. It takes white and log color as main tone and adopts large scale of French windows and open layout in appearance to break space bound. It aims to make integration of natural scenery and interior space, letting design coexist with nature, which is also the original meaning of design.



Clouds beyond Clouds

Flowing water and fleeting clouds freely reach everywhere they wish. It is the origin of the design concept of the Qiaoxin· Rising Clouds. Everything in design is rooted in life. After much mental experiences, one can endure some tests from one’s life, after which one can saunter ahead like flowing water and fleeting clouds.

For the entrance to the front hall, designers hope that the space bestows immediate calmness. As the form of water can best cleanse rattled minds of visitors, designers integrate the cascading water with the reception function, making it the first space focus, to arouse the subsequent anticipation for what lies after the end of the water. It guides visitors to longingly press forward.


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