2019 Forth Sino US Design Exhibition

2019 The fourth Sino-US international design and cultural exchange exhibition
The award ceremony of the Sino-US International
Innovation Design Award



MCM Group Receives Sino-US International Design Cultural Exchange Exhibition Award

Michael Mitchell, CEO of MCM, received the award and introduced the design work of Snoopy theme park. He stressed use classic Snoopy characters and storylines to attract loyal fans visiting this theme park. As Mr. Mitchell stated, “The design goal was to attract parents to share their childhood memories with their child when they come to the park.” Mr. Mitchell stressed that the park was “ designed not simply as a park for children, but also a memory theater for the 60s, 70s and 80s generations that were raised with the Snoopy Cartoon in China.”

The park which is located at a central downtown Beijing mall utilizes Snoopy as the symbol of the mall. The mall developer was highly pleased that the design delivered on its promise to attract targeted consumers to visit and shop.


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